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As a teacher and speaker of both English and Spanish, I hope to share my resources with those of you who teach these languages or who want to learn these languages.


What some of my students say:

I really liked our sessions, and I liked how we could focus on different aspects each lesson based on my progress. I liked how we practiced communication and you could also help me with assignments I had at school. Overall, the online tutoring really helped me improve in my class at school, and gave me a better understanding of the language. It was really helpful.  Nisha N.

Last year I had taken Spanish 3 and initially I was struggling. For the first semester I was lucky to get a C for each grading period. However, the second semester I signed up for Varsity Tutors where I first met Katie. Through weekly FaceTime calls with Katie, my C turned to a B and my B turned to an A. Not only did she help me have a better understanding of the language, but she related her English teaching background to how things parallel in Spanish. This comparison helped me immensely in fully understanding the grammar. Even after our tutoring sessions have ended, the combined English and Spanish lessons Katie gave me now play a huge role in my English writing. Thanks to her, I recognize English grammar rules that I never even took a second glance at, which have made me much more knowledgeable on the inner workings of English. Not only is Katie a stand up Spanish and English tutor, but she knows how to explain things in terms that any individual can understand. Her ability to explain is 100% what made me do a complete 180 in my grade and comprehension. I, therefore, without a doubt, would recommend Katie to anyone looking for a stronger understanding of the topic being studied.    Alexis C.

Katie helped me brush up on my Spanish, and also engaged with my 2 year-old to get her familiar with Spanish by reading books and singing songs to her.  She has incredible knowledge of Spanish grammar- and helps explain things very well.  I improved my Spanish significantly just after a month.  Jennifer C.