Resources for Spanish

people with speech bubbles and lamp ideasHelp with Perfect Tenses: Practice for the Perfect Tenses in Spanish

Practice with Future Tenses: Practice Using the Future Tenses

The difference between the indicative and subjunctive tenses: Indicative vs. Subjunctive Explanation

Practice with the preterite and imperfect using songs: El Preterito en Canciones

Practice with the present tense using songs: Con Limon y Sal- practico de presente

Tengo tu Love- practicar con el presente

Help with Adverbs: Adverbios de tiempo y lugar

Using Por and Para: Por y Para

Help with the present subjunctive: Practice for the Present Subjunctive in Spanish

When to use the imperfect and when to use the preterite: Practice for the Spanish preterit and imperfect tenses

Practice with the imperfect subjunctive: The Imperfect Subjunctive

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